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Updated: Jul 3, 2023

This high fantasy show is fraught with sexual tension, high stakes and a touch of gore. If you love monster hunting, dragons and all things witchery you will love this. I’m soaking up this last season of Henry Cavill as Geralt since he will be leaving at the end of Season 3 (and, I’m pretty certain this show will be on a downward spiral that all begins with Liam Hemsworth). But, I digress! Let’s reminisce over one of my all time favorite makeup looks from Season 1.

Yennefer of Vengerberg

The emerald green eye! If you know, you know. Yennefer has many makeup looks in Season 1, but my favorite one has to be the emerald green eye she wears in much of the show. I deep dove the shit out of this back in 2019 when it first came out and discovered Csilla Blake-Horvath, Head Makeup Designer, used Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes to Mesmerize in Cleopatra swept all over the eyes on Anya Chalotra, who plays Yennefer.

I thought this makeup look was especially interesting and modern because it is angular but still softly blended but only on the top of the eyelid. She’s very careful to place no makeup on the lower lash line. There is also only a light layer of mascara on the top lashes with nothing on the bottom lashes. This keeps the makeup looking interesting and otherworldly without being too fantastical. I feel like the moment you add a stark black liquid cat liner to this look it makes it instantly feel more 2010; so, I love the simplicity of the green shadow standing alone.

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Now, since the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow has been discontinued for a long while, I began my hunt for the perfect green eyeshadow that has been years in the making. This particular green was elusive. It wasn’t lime, or olive but a smokey emerald. It wasn’t glittery but had a sheen. It almost had a blackened smokey edge to it which made finding this color ridiculously hard; but, I finally found it in one of the Pat McGrath palettes (Sublime), and it is absolutely dreamy.

The other notable parts of this makeup design are the lack of blush or highlighter and the nude, greige lip color. It makes the eye look stand out even more and you notice how stark it is.

For the face, I chose to keep it soft and matte with the Dior Forever Skin Correct topped with the Nudestix Matte Bronzer in Bondi Bae. I kept the brows brushed up and natural. For the lips, I used the Nudestix Intense Matte Lip Pencil in Sunkissed Nude to line and then topped with Lisa Eldridge’s True Velvet Lipstick in Fawn.

best chattanooga makeup artist emily hawtin atlanta knoxville nashville

And, that’s everything! To see me do this look in real time, check my reels on Instagram. And let me know if there are other Yennefer looks you’d like to see or if you plan to watch Season 3!

Pro Tips

For a sharp edge on a crisp eye look, you can either use the end of a small tube to make the line you’d like as you apply the shadow or simply dip a flat angled brush into some micellar water and clean it up after all is said and done.

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