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Updated: May 28, 2023

New series here! This is 100% inspired by the amazing and talented fellow MUA, Katie Jane Hughes. I thought this series was brilliant and would be an interesting way to see what everyone’s TOP 3 would be from any given brand as it can be quite overwhelming with all of the choices currently out there. Who better to be up first than MAC Cosmetics!

MAC Cosmetics

chattanooga makeup artist emily hawtin

#1 LIP LINERS: Yes, I love the lipsticks and have three palettes full, but the liners are outstanding. The range consists of interesting colors, stay in place and are still used on repeat in Pro Kits to this day even with all the other brands out there. These can be easily blotted down or mixed with a balm to sheer it down, turn it into a stain and generally change the finish. They’re a classic for a reason!

chattanooga makeup artist emily hawtin

#2 EYE SHADOWS: From Bridgerton to Wednesday, MAC eyeshadows are still the most commonly found in a Pro kit and on film. The finishes range in texture and they're easy to customize into your own palette. I can't put my finger on what it is about these shadows versus others in my kit, but they're like the outfit you reach for because you know it works and makes you look stellar. Every time I watch a show/movie and see a look I'm drawn to, 75% of the time it turns out the Makeup Designer used some combination of MAC eyeshadows.

chattanooga makeup artist emily hawtin

#3 FACE & BODY FOUNDATION: This foundation. THIS FOUNDATION! These were the first foundations I purchased to go in my Pro Kit because they are perfection (except for the color range which is lacking and needs to be remedied immediately). The formula is sheer but can be built to a Medium finish. These are a very fluid formula with a film former in them making them adhere to the skin in a way that they move with the skin. They're also great for spraying with some Fix+ to reinvigorate the foundation and make it malleable again and build upon. I love to use these on Men and Women because they never appear as “makeup”. If MAC would add some lighter and deeper shades then I would be over the moon.

chattanooga makeup artist emily hawtin

HONOROABLE MENTION - BRUSHES: I have the first brush I ever purchased 18 years ago from MAC still in my kit. These brushes hold up, and as long as you take care of them, they will last FOREVER!


Apply to MAC PRO! If you are in the Makeup Industry, do yourself a favor and apply. The more experienced you are, the higher your discount will be. This is not advertised very well (if it all), so make sure to apply. It’s a great way to build your kit at less of a cost to you

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