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Updated: May 28, 2023

We all saw the teaser pics for the Barbie movie last year and now that the trailer is out we’ve got (drumroll, please) ... BarbieCore! This makeup isn't that far off from the BalletCore trend that has been viral on TikTok lately. Both trends primarily use pink as the all over color - pink eyeshadow, pink blush and pink lips. "BalletCore" makeup (or, more truly K-Beauty makeup) was seen all over New York Fashion week, and it’s safe to say both of these trends will be seen everywhere this Spring and Summer.

BarbieCore, Meet BalletCore

How To Achieve This Look:

STEP 1: Prep your face with skincare as you normally would and apply a thin veil of foundation or concealer. The main thing to achieve with your base is to conceal/neutralize any redness in the skin because we will be adding pink onto the face but we want it to be precisely placed. We essentially don’t want any redness in the center of the face.

makeup artist emily hawtin atlanta chattanooga nashville barbie movie

STEP 2: Pick a luminescent pink blush in two differing shades that is right for your skintone. For my pale skin, I like to choose a cotton candy blush shade like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush and a brighter fuschia pink like the Makeup By Mario Soft Pop Powder Blush. Start by placing the lighter pink shade in a halo around the outer part of your eye where you might normally place highlighter. Diffuse the pink in a semicircle from the top of the cheekbone to the top of the brow bone. We want the pinks of the blush and eye color to melt into one another. Then, take the brighter pink shade and place in the center of the semicircle, closest to the eye creating a pink gradient.

STEP 3: Pick a few shades of pink eyeshadow that are close to the blush colors you have chosen; or, you can use the blushes as eye color - just be sure to test them first since red pigment can bother some people’s eyes if they're not eye safe. You want to place the lightest pink all over the eye, blending it into the blush. Take care to sweep it under the eyes as well. We want to make a halo of pink around the eye. You will look slightly sick at first until we put on mascara but just trust and stick with it. Take a deeper pink and add some depth to the outer corner of the eye. Find a pink shimmer and top the center of the eyelid with it then add mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

STEP 4: Last step is to add a pink lipstick to the lips. Makeup Artist Robb Crafer used MAC’s Candy Yum Yum Matte Lipstick for the Barbie movie, and this is a bright blue based pink that screams Barbie. If you want to lean more towards the Balletcore side of things, I’d opt for a softer pink lipstick like MAC’s Angel Frost Lipstick.

These trends might not be for everyone; but, I love a good pink moment, so I’m here for it! The vibe for both of these trends are powdery and soft, not dewy or glowy like so many of the other trends we have seen as of late. To see me put these trends to the test, go to my Instagram and check my reels. Let me know what other trends you’d like to see!

Pro Tips

Use one product for everything! If you don’t have pink eyeshadows or pink lipstick at your disposal, pick your favorite blush shade and use it on the eyes, lips and cheeks. It will look cohesive and change up the way you use your products!

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