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BOOKLOOK | A Court of Thorns & Roses

Updated: May 28, 2023

I am a devoted bookworm and find inspiration in stories, written or told; book covers, illustrations, coffee table books. So, as a gift to myself I am giving myself the creative freedom to design makeup looks based around this love of mine in a new series I'm calling BookLook!

acotar makeup artist emily hawtin atlanta chattanooga nashville


I was recommended the “A Court Of…” series written by genius Sarah J. Maas, a handful of times by the owners of my favorite local bookstore here in Chattanooga, The Book and Cover. But it took me witnessing a friend go down that rabbit hole to push me to finally purchase the first book. And, boy, did I fall - deeply! Once I finished Book 1, A Court of Thorn and Roses, I couldn’t get enough and immediately went out and bought the ENTIRE series.

I just finished the fifth and final book! So, to celebrate this epic, steamy journey, I thought I’d create two makeup looks inspired by Feyre at the Court of Nightmares in the Hewn City juxtaposed against her at Starfall in Velaris. One of these is dark, hellacious, and night-filled. The other is stardust, light, and ethereal.

acotar makeup artist emily hawtin atlanta chattanooga nashville feyre starfall velaris

Look One: Feyre at Starfall

Starfall at Velaris is one of the most beautifully depicted celebrations that we all wish we could attend in real life. I wanted the white look to be light catching, soft and linear to juxtapose the Night Court look. This is the makeup I would have designed if I’d been doing Feyre’s makeup; something glowy but minimal to not distract from her diamond encrusted evening gown.

Look One Products Used:


“To the stars who listen -

and the dreams that are answered”

-Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury


Look Two: Feyre at Night Court

acotar makeup artist emily hawtin atlanta chattanooga nashville feyre night court

I died a little when reading the description of Feyre showing up to the Night Court in her black evening gown with lush, dark lips. She is meant to be imposing and strike fear into the court; so, I wanted this makeup design to be purposefully messy - a bit askew with shades of gold flickering across it to mimic night. I wanted precision on the lips but for the eyes to appear as an oil slick, juxtaposed against the linear minimal white Starfall look.

Look Two Products Used:

Overall Book Review:

I give this series 5/5 french fries with extra sauce (the highest award I can give)!

acotar makeup artist emily hawtin atlanta chattanooga nashville danessa myricks color fix

This series is otherworldly and the best likeness I can give is if Lord of the Rings had a sexy fairy baby with Hunger Games. The story follows a female huntress, Feyre, who ends up being forced to reside apart from her family in a magical realm she knows nothing about. Once there, she realizes that this world and her own are in trouble and she must fight for what she believes and for those she loves. I don’t want to give too much away; but, just trust me, you want to read these. There is a good amount of both steam and battle sequences in these, so know that going into them. And, fair warning, all else in life will be pushed to the back burner while you voraciously consume these. ENJOY!

Be sure to check out my transformation reel on Instagram!

Pro Tips

Go to craft supply stores for small gemstones and larger glitter pieces that can be glued down using a clear lash glue.. Just make sure they have flat bottoms. This is a great way to play without having to special order gems and glitter off of makeup sites that can be a lot more expensive.

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