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MAKEUP REVIEW | Lisa Eldridge Beauty

Updated: May 28, 2023

Lisa Eldridge is the Makeup Goddess we all were blessed with and never knew we needed. Although I had mentors, she became my biggest influence and source for inspiration as a young MUA. When she announced she would be coming out with her own Cosmetic line, to say my wallet cried would be an understatement. Let’s dive in!

Lisa Eldridge Rundown

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Lisa started her line with just lipsticks but in true Lisa form they weren't just any lipsticks. They were Velvet lipsticks with a formula none of us had seen on the market. They seemed to be wrapped in Velvet and while they appear matte they feel creamy and stay on as if they’re a liquid lipstick. This is still my favorite formula especially for brights, reds and deep shades. And the colors are interesting and well curated. Everytime I wear one of these lipsticks I get asked what I’m wearing. Some of my favorite shades are Skyscraper Rose, Velvet Cinnabar and Velvet Midnight.

Closley after these came out, Lisa Eldridge released the Luxuriously Lucient lipstick formula which is a more creamy, sheer, balmy texture. I do love these as well but I still feel the Velvets stand out above the rest.

Fast forward, Lisa came out with glosses that weren’t just glosses. They have amazing ingredients (skincare quality) and feel extremely moisturizing on the lips. I will say, these are a typical gloss feel as they stay slightly tacky on the lips. If you’re looking for a buttery, balmy gloss that doesn’t necessarily feel like anything on the lips, then this might not be your bag. However, glosses have to have a bit of stick to them to stay in place, and I still find these very moisturizing. Some of my favorite shades are Delilah and Dancing Rose.

best atlanta chattanooga nashville makeup artist emily hawtin

Next up, Lisa’s Liquid Lurex Eyeshadows act as a pigment with copious amounts of microfine glitter suspended in it, giving them a wet appearance on the eyes while setting down and not budging. These are beautiful as an eyeshadow topper or worn on their own sheered out. Some favorites are Bianca and Diana.

Last year, Lisa FINALLY released The Foundation and the Elevated Glow Highlighter and they are both stunning formulas. My top accolade goes to the fact that she came out with her foundation in a 40 shade range going from the super pale to extremely deep. And the undertones are chef’s kiss! You can even order a sample card of four different shades to try. The foundation formula is slightly liquidy so it feels lightweight on the skin. This does dry down to a satin finish which means if you are on the dryer side you may need to add a good moisturizer beforehand. This is the foundation I reach for when I’m going out and I want my makeup to stay all night and look elevated.

The Elevated Glow Highlighters are up there for me in terms of total standout products. There are multiple shades for the extremely pale to the very deep. None of the highlighters look ashy or overdone. They are chocked full of skincare ingredients and feel like a serum on the skin. Comparatively swatched next to other highlighters of similar formulation, Lisa’s doesn’t have any “glitter” in it but gives this lovely, pearlescent sheen so it’s not overly detectable on the skin.

best atlanta chattanooga nashville makeup artist emily hawtin

We have arrived! Lisa released five well-curated Eyeshadow Palettes this year, and I was only able to snag two of them (Muse and Cinnabar). These eyeshadows are reminiscent of the Dior eyeshadows. I love these because they are soft and buildable. You know when you see the Oscars and the eye looks are glamorous, smokey and elegant but never over the top or “Instagramified?” These are those eyeshadows! If you’re looking for Kat Von D style eye makeup, I would steer clear of these. I, however, think these are brilliant. She even made them so that you could pop the colors out and move them into different palettes which, as a MUA, is perfection.

Big Takeaways

Would I add any of these to my Pro MUA Kit?

Absolutely! And have; my top most used items in my kit are the highlighters, the liquid lurex eyeshadows and the lip products.

Who These Products Work For:


Who Should Avoid This Product:

Teens and the budget friendly person. This is a luxury makeup gilded in gold and glass so keep that in mind.

Pro Tips

No need for a tinted moisturizer: Mix some liquid Highlighter along with your favorite moisturizer into a more full coverage foundation to make a sheer luminescent coverage.

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