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VIDEO | Clayton Anderson Music Video

Updated: May 28, 2023

Working with Clayton Anderson, Tim Cofield, Katy Robbins and Visionary Media Group means that this music video was EPIC and a lot of fun to make.

Let’s Make A Music Video

Both shoot days were overnighters, meaning we started at around 3:00 pm each day and wrapped around 3:00 am. I’ve done quite a few overnights in my time and to survive you must take a nap midday, drink coffee but not energy drinks or you’ll crash (I’ve seen it and it’s ugly), and pace yourself accordingly. We were lucky enough to be shooting at some of Chattanooga’s scenic locations with stunning weather which made the whole experience a lot more enjoyable as well.

Katy was styling which meant the clothes and jewelry she chose were STUNNING! We worked together on making sure the hair and makeup were cohesive with what she had planned for each outfit.

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The makeup look for Clayton was relaxed, bronzed and rugged. I added some texture wave cream to his hair, cleaned up his scruff with clippers and amped up his tan. Holly, our lead female, had the most amazing, wild, red, curly hair so I kept it down for the majority of her scenes because I wanted it to match the vibes early on the video which were carefree and lakeside. For her makeup I went soft and glossy with pink and peach tones to accentuate her blue eyes and auburn hair. As their relationship becomes more strained, her hair is pulled back tightly into a curly chignon and her makeup is more smokey and glam, a total juxtaposition from the earlier look. At the end, when they are reunited, Holly is donning an ethereal white full length dress so to match this I did her makeup to be more light, golden and glowy. For her hair, I kept it down but swept to the side with a white flower pinned in.

The crew we had on this was phenomenal and I was so happy to have been a part of it. Even the Chattanooga Fire Department deserves a shoutout for showing up at 2 am to make it rain for one of our pivotal scenes.


For outdoor shoots, remember the elements for your actors as well as yourself. If you're on a mountain, bring a windbreaker. Intense sun? Bring sunscreen, personal fans and cool cloths. Rainy weather? Bring umbrellas and ponchos. This is all considered a part of your “set bag."

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