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TREND REPORT | The "Glazed Donut" Look

Updated: May 28, 2023

Strobing, glass skin, lip glossed…all of these are trends that have come and gone but all mean relatively the same thing. Marketing takes a trend that is pretty synonymous with the season and rebrands it so that we as consumers buy the same products each year. This year, Hayley Bieber is the one who coined the term “Glazed Doughnut” look. These looks can be quite difficult if you don’t have untextured, unblemished skin (who does?!).

The “glazed doughnut” look is only slightly different from previous years' glossy faced trends, but since makeup is my obsession I’m still jumping in head-first to show you how to create this look for Spring/Summer but also make it attainable!

How to Achieve the Look

STEP 1: Skincare, skincare, SKINCARE! Make sure you exfoliate your skin to get rid of any texture or dry skin (I recommend Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Pads). Then, add loads of hydration. If I’m doing a look like this where the focus is on the skin, I’ll even massage a balm or a rich hydrating mask into my skin and let it sit for a while to really plump up the skin. After that I'll add on a serum, an oil and a hydrating cream.

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STEP 2: I’ll mix 1-2 pumps of my foundation into either my moisturizer or a drop of highlighter. Lisa Eldridge’s Elevated Glow Highlighter is my absolute favorite! I’ll then pinpoint conceal where I have redness or pigmentation because I do not have perfect skin by any means.

STEP 3: I’ll add more liquid/cream highlighter in a lighter shade than my skin tone to the high points of my face; the tops of my cheekbones, on my eyelids and brow bones, a bit on the top of my nose, in the inner corner of my eyes, at the top of my "Cupid’s Bow." The idea is to place this anywhere the light is catching. I do choose to powder slightly down the center of my face because I want this to look glazed and beautiful, not sweaty.

STEP 4: I like to add mascara and some tinted brow gel to create a bit of depth at my eyes. You may not need this step if you have dark eyes or naturally dark/full lashes and eyebrows.

STEP 5: For the lips and cheeks, I like to use a cream or satin lipstick that is close to my own lip color. I press the lipstick into my lips to create more of a stain and then top it with a glazed, glossy lip gloss. Then I’ll mix the lipstick into liquid highlighter and press that into my cheeks.

best atlanta chattanooga nashville makeup artist emily hawtin

Overall, the goal of this look is to seem as if you have spent hours doing skincare and your face seems fresh, lively with a soft glow. To see me create this look check my Instagram page! And let me know what trends you’d like to see me make attainable for you!


Lipstick is multifunctional! It is one of my favorite multiuse products to instantly create cohesion. A dap on the lips and then a bit on the cheeks can totally bring a look together!

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