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WHAT'S IN MY BAG | Theme Park Bag

Hi, my name is Emily, and I am a Disney Adult. Seriously, though, we have two small children, and my wonderful MIL gifts us Walt Disney World annual passes as our gift for the year. So, we go as a family about 4 - 5 times a year. To say, "I know how to pack for Disney," would be an understatement. I know what makeup is going to hold up in the heat and withstand sweat; and, I know what is absolutely worthless to pack - so don’t even try! These tips would also work for any theme park visit - so, let’s dive in!

Walt Disney World Edition

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FACE: Oil Blotting Sheets, Facial SPF, Setting spray, Concealer, Blotting Powder, Cream Blushes & Cream Bronzers

For the face, you want a setting spray that will cool and hydrate you as well as set your makeup in place. You’ll also want to bring oil blotting sheets to absorb any oil throughout the day and a high quality facial sunscreen that won’t clog your pores and break you out. I also keep my coverage minimal and usually opt for concealer, powder and a bit of cream bronzer/blush.

best atlanta chattanooga nashville makeup artist emily hawtin

BODY: Self Tanner, Lotion, Sunscreen, Aloe, Body Oil & Sunhat

For the body, I always exfoliate and self-tan beforehand. My favorite self tanner is Coco & Eve (it's a great olive color, smells incredible, doesn’t streak and fades nicely). I bring a high quality mineral based sunscreen and reapply throughout the day. I am fair - so a sun hat is also essential!

best atlanta chattanooga nashville makeup artist emily hawtin

LIPS: Lip Balm with SPF & Bright, Matte Lipstick

For lips, I opt for a balm with SPF and then switch to a bright matte lipstick for night. This is an easy way to punch up a look if you’re coming straight in from the pool and going out to dinner.

best atlanta chattanooga nashville makeup artist emily hawtin

EYES: Liquid Lurex Shadows, DM Colorfix, Neutral Eyeshadow Palette, Mascara, Eyebrow Gel & Eyebrow Pencil

I rarely wear eyeshadow in the parks during the day but, for nighttime, I’ll add something that is waterproof like the Lisa Eldridge Liquid Lurex Shadows or the Danessa Myricks Colorfix Creams. These add a fun pop to the eyes with little effort and stay put no matter the weather. I do not use waterproof mascara because the oils from my skin break them down and smudge terribly on me. I usually opt for a tubing mascara that won’t smudge and lasts all day. I also like to use a strong hold brow gel that will keep my eyebrows in place all day.

best atlanta chattanooga nashville makeup artist emily hawtin

HAIR: Hair Serum, Hair Oil, Dry Shampoo, Wide Tooth Comb & Wet Brush, Wave Spray, Curl Soft Gel, & Curl Reviver Spray

There’s no two ways about it: theme park hair is a mess. I don’t bother styling it because the humidity and water rides will wreck it instantaneously. I spray my hair with a Wave Spray and let it do its thing or I’ll tie it up. Also, dry shampoo is a must unless you want to wash your hair everyday (which is insane). You'll also want anything to keep humidity/frizz at bay!

What's NOT In My Bag

I am not packing: heavy foundation or full coverage powders; these are going to clog your pores and make you look "cakey" by the middle of the day. I am also not packing loads of eye makeup that will sweat off anyway and end up halfway down your face. I think the key to success in wearing makeup to a theme park is honor your face and only wear things that will enhance and not hide your true features. If you have freckles, let them shine! Truly the only thing you really NEED is sunscreen.

Pro Tips

Early morning park going? Keep it simple stupid! Do the fun makeup when the sun has set and the heat has subsided. I save the glitters and the colors for dinner and beyond.

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