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WHAT'S IN MY BAG | Beach Bag

Updated: May 28, 2023

If you invite me to your house for a party, or if I’m on location shooting in someone’s house, I promise you, I will go through your nightstands and your bookshelves. I’m nosy and anyone who knows me knows it. In fact one time, I met someone many months after we had rented their house to film a commercial in and I knew everything in her house and nightstand. It took every ounce of self control I had not to say, “I too love that hand cream you have in your bedroom”. All of this to say, I’m intensely curious about what products people choose to pack and why. The products I would take on a trip to Boston would look totally different than the products I would take with me to the beach. So I thought it’d be interesting since we’re heading to Charleston to take a look at what I plan to pack in my personal bag.

Charleston Beach Edition

FACE: Sunscreen! Sunscreen for the body. Sunscreen for the face. Gimme all the sunscreen. I like to use mineral based sunscreen for my body like this one that smells like coconuts; and, I use the Naturium Dew-Glow Moisturizer with SPF 50 for my face since it adds a nice shine but doesn't smell or make my face breakout. When I go anywhere with hotter temps, I try to keep my makeup simple. I’ll always pack a setting spray! NYX Bare With Me Multitask Makeup Spray is my current favorite one and it’s at the drugstore! For my actual makeup, I usually stick to a bit of concealer topped off with some dewy bronzer and blush. It’s easy to throw in my bag and add to my face if we go grab lunch after a beach day.

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HAIR: My hair is naturally curly but I lost a lot of texture when I was pregnant with my children. However, my hair still behaves equally great and terrible in warm humid climates. So I embrace this and pack a Wave spray, a wide tooth comb and resist the urge to style it. I just own the crazy frizzy mess that it will become and throw it back in a braid if it gets too unruly.

LIPS: I grab three lip products with different textures. I’ll always pack a moisturizing balm with a sheer tint like this Dior Glow one, a high pigment, fun color, Satin lipstick that will look good with a tan like the Lisa Eldridge Velvet lipstick in Rainbow Spill, and a clear high shine gloss to add on top of anything. I’ll swipe the lipstick on usually before we head to a dinner somewhere and it instantly makes me look dressed up.

EYES: I keep the eyes relatively free of makeup. I’ll bring a black mascara that doesn't smudge on me in the heat and a good brow gel. But that’s it! I have found I almost never like a lot of eye makeup on when I’m at the beach or in hot weather. A simple swipe of mascara and brow gel will wake my face up enough.

And that’s it! Kind of surprising that, as a Makeup Artist, I don’t pack more; but, I think it’s because makeup is my job! So, when I go on vacation, I just want to relax and let my skin breathe a bit. What do you pack in your bag?

Pro Tips

Pack products that are multifunctional when traveling to save space. A setting spray that can also rehydrate and freshen up your skin? A cheek balm that can add color to the lips, cheeks, and eyes as well as add hydration?

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