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EDITORIAL | Sister Homage

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

As a female business owner myself, I was so excited to be a part of this Summer 23 shoot for female-owned brand Sister Homage. Ellie designs her jewelry for every day luxury and all of her beautiful pieces are based on literature, nature, and art. To bring creative director (and artist) Sarabeth Arima's mood board to life, I primarily used Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm, to enhance our models' skin with a dewy glow, and Lisa Eldridge's eyeshadow palettes in Cinnabar and Muse. Although you probably would never guess it, one model for this shoot required full-sleeve tattoo coverage on one arm while the other was a last-minute stand-in for a no-show! Check out the beautiful finished photos by the incredibly talented Knoxville photographer Reed Schick below (along with some behind-the-scenes shots)!

Makeup for Sister Homage Photo Shoot

Behind the Scenes

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