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MAKEUP REVIEW | Jones Road Beauty

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

A lot of cosmetics can, at times, feel redundant in my line of work. So, when something comes along that feels truly innovative, I have to get my hands on it. The Jones Road Beauty line was started by MUA Bobbi Brown after she sold her original brand to Estee Lauder.

Bobbi Brown became extremely invested in inner beauty and health as a form of “makeup” and felt like the cosmetics line she had begun in the 1980’s didn’t match what she was being drawn to. She wanted a line of products that were multi-functional, hydrating, and made of high quality, natural ingredients. Since that didn’t exist on the market at that time, Brown decided to create it herself.

JRB Rundown

First, let's talk about what I did enjoy! The Miracle Balm - for me - was excellent, but I don’t think it’s right for everyone (and I’ll get into that). This is a potted product that is essentially a balm with light pigment and, depending on which one you get, some microglitter.

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Since the Miracle Balm is the product that went viral on TikTok, I wanted to try at least 3-4 shades and give it the full test. I chose Bronze (a warm brown sheer), Dusty Rose (a cool, rosy pink), and Miami Beach (a warm peachy coral). These are not for a full coverage makeup look but more for the person who has unblemished skin, doesn’t wear a lot of makeup and wants to add some glow and color before heading out the door. I was surprised at the texture because, although they are balmy, they don’t feel overly greasy which is what I was expecting. However, it’s worth mentioning that this product does not ever fully set. I would not recommend powdering on top of them as any loose powder will cling to it and make it patchy.

The way I’ve been wearing these is: after I apply a bit of my favorite concealer of the moment, I will then go in with the Bronze shade and apply it around the perimeter of my face. It warms up my complexion and adds some hydration. If my cheeks are overly red, I’ll add a bit of the Dusty Rose to the apples of my cheeks. The silver and cool tawny shade help to cancel out the redness in my cheeks beautifully. If I have a bit of tan, then I’ll add Miami Beach to my cheeks, lips and even a bit on my eyes. It gives this gorgeous glossy look with a pop of color and is perfect for Spring/Summer when you're by the pool or on the beach and want a little something extra. I can imagine throwing these in my beach bag to use before going out to eat somewhere.

Another bonus is these are shade inclusive! There are deep brown and berry shades with great undertones that would be beautiful on anyone - but especially people with darker skin tones!

Now, let's discuss what I didn’t love. The Face Pencil (in all honesty) was not my favorite product. It was a bit dry to apply and tugged at my skin, but then creased horribly and never quite set down. I think her other products are absolute standouts, but I feel that this product needs a reformulation.

Big Takeaways

Would I add any of these products to my Pro Mua Kit? The Miracle Balms, absolutely! These would be a great addition in a set bag to add a sheen or gloss last minute, to hydrate someone who has dry, textured skin or to add more of a glow on the body for poolside scenes.

Who this product works for: Someone with normal to dry skin, a relatively clear complexion, all skin tones

Who should avoid this product: Someone with oily, acne prone skin; someone with a lot of pigmentation or active blemishes

To see these products in action head to my Instagram! And let me know what I should try next! What are you curious about?


I tried using brushes and sponges with these products and ended up going with my hands as I believe that is how they are meant to be used. Sometimes, your hands are your best tool. Don’t forget them!

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