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MAKEUP REVIEW | Danessa Myricks Beauty

Updated: May 28, 2023

Danessa Myricks is a self-taught revolutionary makeup artist! She is known for using products in an unconventional way to create stunning looks. Her products mirror this artistic application by combining artistry with product manipulation. Her makeup brand is made for the unseen and under represented in the makeup industry and you can feel that in the products she has created. Let’s dive in!


I’m doing things differently for this review and instead of getting all the products from every single category (i.e. complexion, blush, eyes, lips). I’m sticking to trying one product extensively that is essentially a multi-use product and using it in a multitude of different ways.

ColorFix Matte Creams

The ColorFix creams are a richly saturated cream pigment that come in different finishes, textures and colors. It is akin to playing with paint which the artist-in-me adores. Although I am intrigued by some of the glitters and metallics, I chose to only buy matte finishes. The colors I have in my kit are:

makeup artist emily hawtin atlanta chattanooga nashville

Lift (a snow white matte)

Blackout (a true black matte)

Exposed (a nude beige matte)

Root Beer (a blackened cherry matte)

Latte (a sweet pink matte)

Rustic (a burnt umber matte)

Phoenix (a coral matte)

Primary Yellow (a primary yellow matte)

Beaches (a sky blue matte)

All you need for an entire eye look is a pin size drop of product on a palette which is an essential tool for these! Whether you’re color mixing or using only one color, these are staining and once they dry they are waterproof and therefore budge proof. You do NOT want to try to remove this off your hand.

My favorite aspect of these products are the versatility they have in my makeup bag or my kit. They can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks; they make an amazing graphic liner or a beautiful wash of color over the eyes. I’ve even played with a monochromatic look using the pink matte tone all over.

The only downside to these is they may not be for the average makeup consumer. There is a slight learning curve and unless you love playing with color, liner, or mixing your own pigments than these may not be for you as they are made by artists for artists.

makeup artist emily hawtin atlanta chattanooga nashville

Big Takeaways

Would I add these to my Pro MUA Kit?

Absolutely! The versatility of the ColorFix creams are incredible, can be mixed and are waterproof.

Who these products work for:

Makeup Artists or makeup enthusiasts who love playing with color!

Who should avoid these products:

If you are a makeup novice or don’t wear tons of makeup, this brand might not be for you.

Pro Tips

You don’t need a MUA palette. A simple plastic paint mixing palette from Dollar Tree would work great. One of my fav palettes is an acrylic palette meant for stamping from Michaels! Think outside the box!

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