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I wasn’t planning on purchasing any makeup on our recent Disney trip; but, when I stumbled into the French pavilion at Epcot and walked into the insanely chic Guerlain shop, I knew it was over for me. Their perfume display alone was out of this world, separated out by notes: citrus, sweet, smokey… I swatched a few different cosmetics and instantly fell in love with how creamy and luxe everything felt. Let's discuss what I actually ended up buying and if I loved it.

chattanooga makeup artist emily hawtin atlanta nashville walt disney world guerlain


I have been wanting to purchase and try the French brand, Guerlain, for years, ever since I found out that one of my makeup muses and idols, Violette*, was the Creative Director. Her aesthetic is so in line with my own that I felt the brand Guerlain would be a seamless addition to my kit as well as my own personal makeup bag. She says your makeup should always look "slightly mussed and effortless to evoke romantic makeup that is quintessential Parisian," and I couldn't agree more.

*A side note worth mentioning: Violette recently developed her own brand called Violette_Fr that looks deeply interesting and unique in the makeup world.


chattanooga makeup artist emily hawtin atlanta nashville walt disney world guerlain

I wanted to try at least one hyped-up popular product that the brand is known for and one item that was new to the brand. I went for the best-selling Terracotta Light Bronzer in shade 02 Medium Cool; a beautiful warm brown with shades of pink and peach mixed in with a tiny amount of pearl to give a luminescence to the skin.

Something worth noting about this brand is that much of their makeup is naturally derived. The bronzer, for instance, is made of 96% naturally derived ingredients. The packaging is gorgeous and the bronzer itself is absolutely stunning. I’m pretty picky about powder bronzers and tend to air on the side of creamy bronzers because they blend seamlessly and look so natural on the skin. In my experience, most powder bronzers can be patchy and too orange. This was not the case for the Guerlain Terracotta Light bronzer. It is creamy and blends beautifully. It’s also the perfect shade of warmth with some cool tones mixed in to give it a natural effect. I also love that it comes in varying shades of depth and warmth to accommodate multiple skin tones.

The new item I picked up was the recently released lip balm in their Summer collection called Kiss Kiss Bee Glow in the shade 319 Peach Glow, a fresh juicy coral. This tinted balm is made of 98% naturally derived honey, so it feels very moisturizing. The packaging on this is metal and has a lovely feeling in the hand. The balm itself is reminiscent of the Nars Glow Balms but not so oily, which is my biggest complaint with the Nars balms. It is pigmented enough that it leaves a lovely tint behind and wears away beautifully. I will say this was not a stand-alone product, but I do see myself using this and loving it all summer long.

The Guerlain employees at Disney were lovely enough to gift me a sample of their base, Terracotta Le Teint in shade 1.5N, a Light Skin with Neutral Beige Undertones. It reports being a 24 HR wear, no transfer, natural glow, perfecting foundation. Now, in my experience, no base wears for 24 hours, and this one is no exception. However, this did wear through the day well and has a medium coverage. It was a bit too much coverage for myself personally, so I chose to sheer it down with some moisturizer and only wear it in the center of my face. Overall, it had a beautiful finish and a lovely undertone.

chattanooga makeup artist emily hawtin atlanta nashville walt disney world guerlain

Guerlain is also known for their incredible perfumes. The perfume associate at Guerlain helped me find a fragrance that melded with my body’s chemistry and as soon as I stepped out of the shop I was stopped multiple times and asked what fragrance I was wearing. If you're curious, the fragrance was Nerolia Vetiver Harvest (a limited edition spin on the Nerolia Vetiver fragrance base of Neroli enveloped in Fig with notes of vanilla and almond but with Orange Blossom and Honey added).

The experience alone at shopping in Guerlain - swatching all the makeup and smelling all of the fragrances - was such a wonderful one that I will be adding it to my "Disney Bucket List" the next time we go. Let me know if you’ve tried anything from Guerlain that you think I should purchase! To see an inside look of the shop in Disney’s Epcot France Pavilion and me using the Guerlain products, check my reels on Instagram.

chattanooga makeup artist emily hawtin atlanta nashville walt disney world guerlain

Big Takeaways

Would I Add These To My Kit?

Absolutely! The bronzer especially feels really special and I’d love to have all the shades in my kit.

Who These Products Work For:

Everyone but especially those that like their makeup to be effortless and not too made up.

Who Should Avoid These Products:

The person looking for budget friendly makeup might need to look elsewhere as this is a luxe brand that comes with a luxe price tag.

Pro Tips

Give your bronzer/blush a fighting chance. Match creams with creams and powders with powders. If you’re wearing a powder bronzer, apply a thin layer of powder first. If you’re wearing a cream bronzer, wait to powder until after you’ve used all of your creams.

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