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MAKEUP REVIEW MASH UP | Glossier Meets BakeUp Beauty

I decided to tackle two female owned brands in one review this time around. We are diving into Glossier, a once small beauty brand that has now exploded and can even be found at Sephora, and BakeUp Beauty, a small indie brand that was co-created by the incredible makeup artist Jo Baker and the revolutionary recording artist Grace Gaustad. I’m primarily discussing the face products of Glossier and the eye palettes of BakeUp Beauty since it’s what each brand is most known for.


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Let's start with Glossier, founded by Emily Weiss in 2014. What started as a beauty website and community morphed into a beauty brand that struck a chord with millennials everywhere. It was makeup for those who didn’t want to wear loads of makeup, celebrating the individual and bringing back the playfulness of cosmetics. I distinctly remember having my sister, who lived in New York City at the time, stand in long lines to get into the wildly popular Glossier storefront to buy me whatever was new and whatever they had. They consistently sold out and when you landed an item it was like you won the lottery. I believe this brand resonated so much at this time because makeup on the market was thick, heavy contouring, disco ball highlighter and insane cut creases. But there was a mass of people that felt left out of the makeup world if the drag aesthetic wasnt to their own tastes. I used to have to beg and barter to get makeup and skincare from Paris because the makeup and skincare being sold didn’t suit my own tastes or fit into my pro kit. But then, there was Glossier.

One of the most viral products at Glossier is the Cloud Paint. These hybrid gel-cream blushes can be found in many makeup artists’ kits. They are a highly pigmented, sheer, watercolor blush that applies beautifully on top of cream or powder products. The colors are interesting as well: some of my favorites are Haze, Storm, Beam, and Puff. One of their newer products are the Solar Paints, a luminous bronzer creme. There is a slight sheen to these which would normally be off putting to me but, in this case, provides a lovely sheer glow to the skin.

I saved the most controversial product for last. The Stretch Concealer is a sheer, dewy concealer that provides a light coverage. Now, I love this concealer for myself because I am in my mid-thirties with fine lines and I have normal to dry skin. I love that during the summer, when I don’t want a lot of coverage, this is the perfect “no makeup” makeup to conceal a little bit of redness and under eye discoloration while providing a bit of hydration. However, I’m unsure if I would use this in my kit due to its dewy, malleable consistency. I also know people who are not fans of this concealer because it is such a sheer formula so I think this is one of those you love it or you hate it products. I happen to love it.

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Now, BakeUp Beauty is very new on the scene, co-founded by the incredibly talented makeup artist Jo Baker and the recording artist Grace Gaustad. This brand feels similar to me in the way that Glossier did in 2014. There was a need for makeup that was fun and colorful but also accessible and easy to use. BakeUp Beauty perfectly fills this niche.

Their eye palettes aren’t too rich or pigmented. They are made to be buildable and portable; applied with brushes OR fingers. This makeup is made to be fun, experiential, and all about self-expression. I love that these palettes have an airy quality to them and you can still see skin underneath the makeup which is my absolute favorite way to apply makeup. I want to see the skin coming through almost all of my products so that it still always feels like you.

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I have three of the four palettes: Pastels, Desert Road Trip, and Primaries. I have used all three palettes endlessly since receiving them, on myself and on shoots. They can be built up and wear well on skin tones ranging from fair to deep. I’ve taken them with me to the beach and to Walt Disney World and they fit perfectly into a fanny pack to add some color to your makeup midway through the day. I cannot say enough good things about these eye palettes. I am in love!

best chattanooga makeup artist emily hawtin atlanta knoxville nashville


Would I Add These To My Kit?

The Glossier blushes and the BakeUp Beauty eye palettes already have a permanent place in my kit. The Glossier concealer and bronzer are more of a case-by-case basis, but they live in my own personal makeup bag for sure.

Who These Products Work For:

Glossier is definitely for the person who doesn’t want loads of coverage, has good skin, and wants a bit of sheen and glow. BakeUp Beauty is for everyone and would work on everyone!

Who Should Avoid These Products:

If you like loads of coverage and heavy contour, I don't think Glossier is the brand for you.

Pro Tips

PLAY! If you feel stuck in a creative rut with makeup, pick up one of the BakeUp Beauty palettes and just start to place color. At the very least you’ll have fun.

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